Your First Esort Date

Many men and women who have enjoyed a date with an escort, qualifies for that special group of having their first escort date. It can be a very daunting experience for some. While other people find it more exciting than something to be fearful of. It really depends on how their escort booking came about. Some people may have found out about an escort service through someone they work with or a friend. So they have a trusted source who they can depend on to provide them advice. Maybe you fall in the category of somebody who has booked solely on their own knowledge and research. You could feel like a fish out of water because you will stress about the fact you have chosen one escort or agency over the hundreds and thousands of others. At least if for whatever reason you don't like your escort experience and a friend recommended it; you can turn round and blame them.

Helpful Tips For The Date

Make sure you do some level of research about the escort or agency before you book. Some out there provide very poor services and worse case scenario they could be con artists. There are various websites and forums that provide reviews. There are also warnings about who to avoid etc So if you book a bad escort or agency without checking via reviews; then you only have yourself to blame. You would have decided beforehand if an incall or outcall is more convenient for you. When it comes to rates for the service, make sure you know what they are. Make sure you ask any questions about aspects of the service you are unsure of; during the booking process. You do not want to be surprised by hidden fees. So it is a good idea to read as much information on the escort's website. Terms and conditions as well as booking information are two important sections of their website that are worth a good read. Obviously make sure you are punctual if it is an incall. One more thing; make sure you have enough money to pay for the escort service. Maybe if you are meeting an escort in Notting Hill for the first time for example - these tips can help you.

Tell Us About Your Experience

If you have been on your first outcall with an escort, then tell us about how it went. Reviews are a brilliant indication of other people wanting to book the same escort whether or not they should. Whether your date was the best day of your life or the most shockingly bad outcall - share your story. There are various other escort related websites that are dedicated to posting escort reviews. is one the oldest directories of its kind online. It came under a bit of scrutiny in 2009 when it got global attention when a prominent politician brought put its existence under the spotlight.